Dear all,
On the eve of an anniversary of KRG- Kosovo Realty Group LLC 31 December 2014,  cooperation agreements were signed today between Kosovo KRG- Realty Group LLC and Procdredit Bank Kosova and IS Bank-Kosovo for real estate property valuation.
KRG- Kosovo Realty Group LLC completes the first year of operation in the Kosovo market, with a success beyond our expectations by signing three cooperation agreements with financial institutions of Kosovo (National Commercial Bank, Bank-Iş ProCredit Bank Kosovo and Kosovo), this is done thanks to the professionalism of the KRG’s Country Team as well as the KRG partners and our dedication to fullfill and maintain our mission and vision.
Thank you all for your support as a client, adviser and friends during our first year of our operation and we wish you all a Happy New Year 2016 and we wish you to you all health and success for many many more years to come !!!
KRG- Kosovo Realty Group L.L.CGreetings