Property Valuation and Advisory Services

KRG licence’d property valuation team comprises of qualified appraisers, providing formal professional valuation and consultancy reports on residential , commercial, land properties and equipment & machinery throughout the Republic of Kosova.

Our Valuation team provides a full range of prompt and cost-effective valuation and advisory services for all our clients.

Our primary objective is to add value to our clients, rather than simply report it.

Our real estatet valuations services

  • Valuation for Sales and acquisitions
  • Secured lending
  • Valuations for property inheritance
  • Tax assessments foreseen by law
  • Valuation for expropriations
  • Sales and acquisitions.
  • Secured lending.
  • Proof of expertise and litigation
  • Mandatory Purchase Order
Our business valuations services

  • Cash flow analysis and year-end accounts.
  • Corporate recovery.
  • Flotations and securitisations.
  • Insurance valuations.
  • Litigation and compensation.
  • Loan security.
  • Management buy-outs.
  • Sales and acquisitions.
  • Take-overs and mergers.
  • Unit pricing.
Our residential,commercial and industrial development valuations services

  • Affordable and social housing valuation
  • Asset valuation
  • Development funding valuations
  • Investment portfolio valuation and consultancy
  • Land use studies
  • Litigation & expert witness
  • Feasibility Reports
  • Site and property appraisals.
  • Valuation analysis & commentary
Our Equipment & Machinery valuations services

  • Identifying assets to be appraised
  • Defining purpose of the equipment appraisal
  • Establishing equipment valuation date for the appraisal
  • Determining appropriate concepts and approaches to be utilized during valuation
  • Determining type of valuation study to be completed
  • Selecting type of equipment appraisal report to be provided
  • Checking availability of data and information